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Russian President Vladimir Putin photo, Russian flag, hacker photo, Peach Bottom nuclear power plant CIO Kelly Lyman photo, American flag, blond woman clown photo, Peach Bottom nuclear power plant photo, Chernobyl photo, radiation sickness victim photo (John Cusack playing character based on nuclear scientist Louis Slotin, who died from radiation sickness, in the movie Fat Man and Little Boy).

Hacking and Forced Meltdown of Nuclear Power Plants: Upwind of Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          September 21, 2021

In Nuclear 9/11, I wrote again about the hacking and forced meltdown of nuclear power plants, which Russia would love to attack the U.S. with since it also proves that a catastrophic meltdown like Chernobyl in 1986 can't only happen to them. I focused on Southern Nuclear power plants, which are in Georgia and Alabama, and their dangerous IT incompetent CIOs: current Russian-ransomwared Colonial Pipeline woman CIO Marie Mouchet and current Southern Nuclear black CIO Martin Davis. The U.S. Government, whose main reason for existence is to protect us from such an attack, cares only about the sex and race (euphemistically, diversity) of those, like CIOs, who are supposed to protect us from cyberattack, not about their competence. Worse for the South, the U.S. Government, based in the North around Washington DC, still, since the Civil War, considers the South an enemy to be destroyed and is fine with any catastrophes befalling it — Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans for example — including the horrible death of hundreds of thousands by radiation sickness. However, the U.S. Government should realize that it has its own extremely vulnerable nuclear power plants nearby. For example, the already 50 years old, but licensed for another 30 years, Peach Bottom nuclear power plant, which is near, by wind and water, Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and is already notorious for its lax physical security, has its own dangerous IT incompetent woman CIO, Kelly Lyman. Letting nuclear power become a national security catastrophe is also a catastrophe for the environment, including climate, which the U.S. Government also pretends to care about, because it is the only climate-friendly power that can feasibly meet America's energy needs, as many environmentalists admit. Apscitu can fight to protect America, nuclear power, and the environment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin photo, hacker photo, Russian flag, Bitcoin logo, U.S. President Joe Biden photo, radiation invalid Star Trek Captain Christopher Pike photo, CISA Director Jen Easterly photo, blue long haired woman clown photo, Southern Nuclear Vogtle nuclear power plant photo, Chernobyl photo, radiation sickness victim photo (John Cusack playing character based on nuclear scientist Louis Slotin, who died from radiation sickness, in the movie Fat Man and Little Boy), NRC CIO David Nelson photo, bandit masked government clown photo, Southern Nuclear CIO Martin Davis photo, Damon Wayans's Homey D. Clown photo, Colonial Pipeline and former Southern Nuclear CIO Marie Mouchet photo, woman clown photo.

Nuclear 9/11

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          September 11, 2021

Today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Two years ago I wrote 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence, by the U.S. Government, specifically the NSA and CIA, and predicted another mega national security disaster around 10 years after the last, the hacking of the NSA and CIA by Edward Snowden, which was about 10 years after mega national security disaster 9/11. The U.S. Government, and the companies who actually do the U.S. Government's jobs, are incompetent and generals always fight the last war, so their predicting the next possible mega national security disaster is impossible. However, the recent Colonial Pipeline cyberattack by Russia clearly indicates, to non-incompetents, that the next possible mega national security disaster will be via IT. There has been talk of hacking into airliner flight controls and crashing the planes into targets, but again, that is fighting the last war and is actually trivial compared to what can be done — hacking into and forcing the meltdown of nuclear power plants near major cities (all are), about which I have written in Ransomwared Nuclear Power Plants Upwind of Major U.S. Cities. 3000 died in 9/11, but a forced meltdown of a single nuclear power plant would multiply that by 10 or 100 or more, making it a giga national security disaster, and dying from radiation sickness is one of the most horrible ways to die. Speaking of anniversaries and catastrophic nuclear power plant meltdowns, this year is the 35th anniversary of Chernobyl (1986), which the Russians would love to prove is a disaster that can't only happen to them. Apscitu can fight to protect America from a nuclear 9/11.

Accenture Head CISO Kelly Bissell photo, sleepy clown photo, CISO, Enron/Accenture/Arthur Andersen/Deloitte logos, IT Education, DeVry University logo, Fake, Russian President Vladimir Putin photo, hacker photo, Russian flag, Bitcoin logo, U.S. President Joe Biden photo, invalid Star Trek Captain Christopher Pike photo.  Pre-transformed photos, logos, image, and flag used under Title 17 (copyrights) of U.S. Code, § 107 (fair use: criticism, comment, news reporting).

Dangerous Fraud Kelly Bissell, IT Incompetent Accenture Head CISO

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          August 27, 2021

Recently, I wrote IT Incompetent Fed IT Company Accenture and CISO Nicole Dean Ransomwared, National Security In Danger, 3 years after I wrote Fed IT Run By Enron's Corrupt Accountant, IT Incompetent Accenture. These focused on IT incompetent Nicole Dean, Accenture Federal Services Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), but with mention of IT incompetent Suzette Kent, former Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) and former Accenture employee who while Fed CIO swung federal IT services contracts to Accenture, and IT incompetent John Edwards, Central Intelligence Agency CIO and former Accenture employee. Still don't think Accenture is completely IT incompetent and a danger to national security? See IT Hiring: Cascade Failure in Principles of IT Incompetence and consider Kelly Bissell, Accenture Global Cybersecurity Lead, essentially Accenture Head CISO. Bissell lies about his IT expertise — he has none and is an extreme IT incompetent — and has been a part of the fraud that is Accenture since before it called itself Accenture. I am willing to back this in court, in case Kelly Bissell and/or Accenture wants to sue me for defamation. Bissell is a danger to national security because, as he brags on social media, he is giving cybersecurity advice to the U.S. head of national security, including cybersecurity, incompetent President Joe Biden, who already surrendered to Russia in the IT war (cyberwar); see U.S. Surrenders in IT War, Starts Paying Tribute to Russia.

Accenture CISO Nicole Dean photo, woman clown photo, CISO, Enron/Arthur Andersen/Accenture logos, Colorado Technical University logo, Fake, Russian President Vladimir Putin photo, hacker photo, Russian flag, Bitcoin logo, Department of Defense seal, Defense Information Systems Agency seal, Department of Homeland Security seal, Defense Intelligence Agency seal, United States Intelligence Community seal, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency seal, Hacked.

IT Incompetent Fed IT Company Accenture and CISO Nicole Dean Ransomwared, National Security In Danger

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          August 13, 2021

I told you so. Almost 3 years ago I wrote Fed IT Run By Enron's Corrupt Accountant, IT Incompetent Accenture, with an accompanying entry (now updated) in the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame for Accenture Federal Services Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Nicole Dean, who only has a fake IT education and has made a profitable career of doing cybersecurity for national security government agencies/businesses. IT incompetent Nicole Dean is still Accenture CISO, responsible for cybersecurity, and recently Accenture finally publicly admitted that it had been ransomwared. Being ransomwared means being hacked, i.e. a data breach, with hackers having gained access to files; otherwise they could not encrypt those files and hold them for ransom. With Accenture doing much federal IT, that means that hackers have access to government files, just like in The Doomsday Microsoft Government Email Data Breach. It's already bad enough that supposedly friendly foreign countries have access to these U.S. Government files, since Accenture is a foreign-owned company, and that Accenture is corrupt and willing to fraudulently take money from the government. But now Accenture has been hacked/ransomwared by hackers supported by Russia; see U.S. Surrenders in IT War, Starts Paying Tribute to Russia.

CDC logo, smallpox virus photo, clown doctor photo.

CDC: Clowns of Disease and Data Control

          June 12, 2021

Since the Coronavirus Scare started with a vengeance, around April Fool's Day 2020, ultimate authority in the United States has been handed over to the unelected officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta Georgia, next to the NIH-funded (National Institutes of Health) Yerkes National Primate Research Center, where they experiment on primates (humans are primates). Presidential and gubernatorial executive orders, which are already of questionable constitutionality since they are not mentioned there, about coronavirus restrictions state that Americans have to do whatever the CDC says, even if it contradicts, as it invariably does, what the Constitution's Bill of Rights says federal and state (under the 14th Amendment) governments can not do. See for example

Southern Nuclear power plants Vogtle, Hatch, and Farley photos, Chernobyl meltdown photo, Russian President Vladimir Putin photo, hacker image, Russian flag, Bitcoin logo, Southern Nuclear CIO Martin Davis photo, woman clown photo, Southern Nuclear logo on white flag, NRC logo on white flag, NRC CIO David Nelson photo, masked clown photo.

Ransomwared Nuclear Power Plants Upwind of Major U.S. Cities

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          June 6, 2021

On the 77th anniversary of D-Day, in memory of those who actually fought and died to protect America.

As I emailed to news outlets in the major cities downwind of the very possibly ransomwared nuclear power plants, in summary of U.S. Surrenders in IT War, Starts Paying Tribute to Russia:
You are aware of the Russian-backed hacking and ransomwaring of Colonial Pipeline and the devastating effect on the south and east coast.

The Colonial Pipeline executive responsible for allowing this is IT incompetent Chief Information Officer (CIO) Marie Mouchet, whose only education is as an elementary school teacher. Before she became Colonial Pipeline CIO several years ago she was CIO for Southern Nuclear, which operates three nuclear power plants (currently two reactors each):

Colonial Pipeline facility photo, Colonial Pipeline logo on white flag, Southern Nuclear facility photo, Southern Nuclear logo on white flag, Russian President Vladimir Putin photo, hacker image, Russian flag, Bitcoin logo, Colonial Pipeline CIO Marie Mouchet photo, woman clown photo, FBI Cyber Division head Bryan Vorndran photo, masked clown photo, President of United States Joe Biden photo, invalid Captain Christopher Pike photo from original Star Trek series.

U.S. Surrenders in IT War, Starts Paying Tribute to Russia

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 31, 2021

On Memorial Day, in memory of those who actually fought and died to protect America.

Colonial Pipeline Company is a corporation headquartered near Atlanta Georgia, like also-hacked Equifax is. Like most large corporations, it is incorporated in Delaware, to take advantage of their corporate law and proximity to Washington DC. Colonial Pipeline Company's largest shareholder is Koch Industries, the private corporation owned by the Koch brothers, well-known conservative donors. The majority of Colonial Pipeline Company however, is owned by foreigners. Colonial Pipeline owns a critical pipeline, actually two, that runs from a refinery near Houston Texas (been there) up the East Coast to New York City (lived there), through major cities, including Atlanta, or with branches to them, including Richmond Virginia (been and go there) and Washington DC (been and go there). One pipeline carries gasoline, for cars at filling stations, and one pipeline carries diesel fuel, for trucks at filling stations, and jet fuel for airplanes, including directly to major airports along the way. If the flow of Colonial Pipeline is interrupted, transportation in the most densely populated part of the U.S. can be dangerously interrupted. Colonial Pipeline is thus a strategic military target.

Fake News, The Guardian logo, Business Insider logo, photo of reporter scraping bottom of a trash barrel, Cambridge Analytica logo, Facebook logo, tinfoil hat wearing scene from movie Signs including kook Joaquin Phoenix, Guardian reporter Carole Cadwalladr photo, Business Insider reporter Aaron Holmes photo, Wikipedia world logo.

IT Reporting: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel with a Fake Facebook Data Breach

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          April 21, 2021

I've written extensively and expertly about the very sensitive information, perfect for identity theft, that Facebook has about its users: Facebook Reads Your And Government Officials'/Politicians' Email and Facebook Has A Database Of User ID Photos and, most importantly, Insecure Facebook Demands Your Passport, Bank Statements, Medical Records, ... I've also written about how Facebook let hackers have this information in a real data breach (September 2018, 50 million Facebook accounts hacked): Yahoo-Then-Facebook CISO Alex Stamos Allows Yet Another Massive Data Breach. That hackers may have stolen Facebook users' passports, bank statements, and medical records is a big story that the IT incompetent media completely missed. Instead, this month the IT incompetent media, particularly "journalists" with failing careers, have been hyping a fake Facebook data breach: half a billion Facebook users had their Facebook information, particularly phone numbers, "stolen" in a "data breach" that will lead to identity theft of a large percentage of the world's population. The IT incompetent failing liberal media has completely misunderstood what really happened and sensationalized the non-story to boost sales and careers and force their liberal political ideology on people, just as they did in the "Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal", another fake Facebook data breach. What happened was everyday perfectly-legal "scraping", which I will expertly explain here and which you benefit from. With reference to Information Technology (IT) Age v. Information Age, I'll explain how Google (the "Googolic Church") and Wikipedia (the "Church Scribes") were part of this IT incompetent failing liberal media frenzy.

Information Timeline.

Information Technology (IT) Age v. Information Age

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          April 12, 2021

Apscitu uses the term Information Technology Age (IT Age) instead of just Information Age, as created and hyped by the IT incompetent and history ignorant media, because as history shows, information, a.k.a. knowledge, has been important in all ages, even more than now, not just since the 1970's advent of widespread computer use, which is what Information Age refers to. What has really marked our age is information technology, like computers and, even more important for the spread of information, a.k.a. education, the Internet (actually the Web; for Internet v. Web see Websites: Simple is Smart, Secure, and Speedy), which was created in the early 1990's. However, this technology has actually led to a decline of the importance of information and of the information itself, via Wikipedia, Google, and universities. This decline is just history repeating itself — "those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it" — with Wikipedia and Google as the Church, the source of all information and thus the controllers of it.

Microsoft/ABPAC/India logo, Brad Smith photo, Satya Nadella photo, John Thompson photo, David Brock photo, Suzan DelBene photo, Kurt DelBene photo, evil business clown, Kevin Scott photo, Rajesh Jha photo, hacker, Outlook logo, Exchange logo, federal seals, HACKED.

Microsoft Guilty But Protected by NSA, AB PAC, India, and DelBenes

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          March 22, 2021

IT incompetent Microsoft is guilty of The Doomsday Microsoft Government Email Data Breach and Doomsday II: The Massive Microsoft Email Data Breach Sequel and should be in serious, even terminal, legal and public relations/business trouble for it, but remains untouchable. This is because Microsoft is being protected, for several reasons, by those in and closely tied to the federal government. First, Microsoft has become inherent in federal government IT over the decades and it's too late for the federal government to do anything but defend Microsoft, no matter how disastrously IT incompetent they are. Second, Microsoft has colluded with the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on Americans and is being rewarded for that by the federal government. Third, Microsoft, via its IT incompetent leadership, including those from India, has paid for many elected federal officials. These include U.S. Representative Suzan DelBene from Washington state, home of Microsoft, who used to be a Microsoft executive, and whose husband Kurt DelBene is a longtime Microsoft executive, except for when he was appointed by the federal government to implement, which was hacked at implementation; see Hacked. While at Microsoft, IT incompetent Kurt DelBene managed both Outlook, implicated in The Doomsday Microsoft Government Email Data Breach, and Exchange, implicated in Doomsday II: The Massive Microsoft Email Data Breach Sequel. Not to mention — and no one does — Microsoft liberally supports the dirty tricks political action committee, AB PAC.

Microsoft logo, Brad Smith photo, Satya Nadella photo, blindfolded clown lawyer photo, James Duff photo, blind leading blind justice off a cliff, hacker, federal seals, PACER logo, CM/ECF logo, HACKED.

Federal Judiciary Reacts To Hackers: Evidence Tampering OK, Exposing NSA Surveillance Not

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          March 17, 2021

As I showed in Hackers Own The Federal Legal System, the federal judicial system has been taken over by hackers and the federal judiciary has admitted to this and reacted. Their reaction were orders on Highly Sensitive Documents (HSDs) reworded from a directive by the same IT incompetent agency — the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO), particularly its director appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court — that allowed itself to be hacked in the first place and is responsible for taking care of all documents (evidence documents and court documents), now all electronic, in the federal judicial system. These orders completely ignore the document tampering — to change court decisions — that will now occur, which was the main focus of Hackers Own The Federal Legal System, and only try to keep confidential the documents, HSDs, they consider important. What the AO considers HSDs that they will really try to protect now and non-HSDs that they will leave to the hackers, since they have been hacked permanently and undetectably, is outrageously self-serving. How the AO plans to keep HSDs confidential, when they already have a procedure for sealed and confidential documents that was hacked, is dangerously IT incompetent.

Microsoft logo, Brad Smith photo, Satya Nadella photo, Abbott and Costello cops photo, Davison Douglas and David Novak photo, Outlook logo, Exchange logo, PACER logo, CM/ECF logo, hacker, federal law seals, HACKED.

Hackers Own The Federal Legal System

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          March 12, 2021

One of the most important implications of The Doomsday Microsoft Government Email Data Breach and Doomsday II: The Massive Microsoft Email Data Breach Sequel is that hackers "own" the U.S. federal legal system, which consists of the legal departments and agencies of the executive branch and the entire judicial branch of the federal government. These organizations all used Microsoft email in some way so had their networks of computers hacked into, permanently and undetectably. The very foundation of the legal system, and what is assumed by it, is that police evidence (usually documents) and court documents have not been tampered with, but hackers can now undetectably tamper with these documents at will since these documents are all digital (a.k.a. electronic) and on computers these days. All judicial decisions are now questionable (including in some of my own cases), as some enterprising defense lawyer will soon point out to his guilty client's advantage. It's far worse than even Equifax Dead: Hacked So Credit Reports Worthless. Additionally, many court documents contain sensitive information that could be used to hurt the people involved and is supposed to be kept confidential, and all this is now available to hackers. The only solution is to go back to paper only documents, mailing them, and physical security for them. This will not only make the legal process more secure, but more fair, as guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment right to due process.

Microsoft logo, Microsoft Exchange logo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, China/Russia/India flags, hacker, the world, HACKED.

Doomsday II: The Massive Microsoft Email Data Breach Sequel

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          March 8, 2021

Only IT incompetent megacorporation Microsoft could have an oxymoron like Doomsday II, the sequel to the end of the world, in this case the sequel to The Doomsday Microsoft Government Email Data Breach. But perhaps it should be seen as taking doomsday on the road. The first Microsoft email doomsday data breach destroyed U.S. Government IT and the sequel is being called a global crisis, having also destroyed the IT of foreign governments and institutions. At least the IT incompetent media realized this time that it was Microsoft's fault — they call it the Microsoft Exchange Cyberattack — which they didn't last time. The first Microsoft email doomsday data breach was due to Microsoft's Outlook email, in all its various guises, and this sequel Microsoft email doomsday data breach is due to Microsoft's Exchange, which is their email server. Here I explain all this and how they are related.

Microsoft logo, Microsoft Outlook logo, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, China/Russia/India flags, hacker, 16 federal government department and agency seals, HACKED.

The Doomsday Microsoft Government Email Data Breach

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          February 22, 2021

As Apscitu has been warning for years, since its inception, particularly through Stop IT Incompetence, the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame (Government, Business, and Media), and Apscitu Mail, there has been a doomsday data breach of the federal government's email and (then) networks, and this was due to government IT incompetence, not the supposedly sophisticated foreign government hackers. This doomsday data breach was finally admitted to by the federal government starting in December 2020 and continuing, but may have been going on undetected for many months or even years and may still be going on undetected.

Those who have even a clue about this data breach, which doesn't include the media, are calling it the most massive — and not just yet another most massive — (thus worst) data breach in history, whose vast effects will be the major national security risk for many years into the future, if the United States survives it at all; hence "doomsday data breach". ...

Apscitu Law Masthead, Motto, About, article.

Announcing The Apscitu Law Website

          January 6, 2021

Announcing the Apscitu Law website, in support of Apscitu Inc.'s IT law consulting; see Services and Consulting. For more about the website see there the About Apscitu Law page, which also replaces the old Legal page on the Apscitu website. For relevant cases see the Casebook on the Apscitu Law website. The Casebook includes the early foundational cases that established my (Apscitu Inc. CEO Dr. Duane Thresher's) legal expertise and led to Apscitu Inc.'s IT law consulting and the Apscitu Law website. The Casebook will also include later cases, including the upcoming: ...

Mark DiVincenzo, Jason Baletsa, Jaren Wilcoxson, Peter Bebergal, Perjurers, MIT seal, Lawyers

MIT Lawyers v. Dr. Thresher

          December 7, 2020

MIT Lawyers v. Dr. Thresher was my (Dr. Duane Thresher's) fourth case; see Casebook on the Apscitu Law website. It was intertwined with and led to the cases Dr. Thresher v. MIT President Reif et MIT Lawyers and Dr. Thresher v. MIT Lawyer Baletsa. This case was my first as a defendant and happened after I had started Apscitu in Virginia and had long been an MIT alum.

As much as it hurts me to admit, MIT has dramatically decreased in IT excellence, including security — to the point of incompetence — from when I was getting my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science there. Like all other universities, they, i.e. non-MIT-alum MIT administrators, have traded off academic excellence — to the point of incompetence — for political correctness, particularly diversity. This incompetence has led to corruption. I cannot help but to try to fight all this, if just in protecting MIT's reputation I protect my own a little. Thus for years I have been fighting MIT about its political correctness, IT incompetence, particularly regarding email and security, and more recently corruption.

Montana behind bars.

Dr. Thresher v. Montana

          December 2, 2020

Dr. Thresher v. Montana was my (Dr. Duane Thresher's) third foundational case; see IT Law Expertise in my Credentials on the Apscitu website and About Apscitu Law and Casebook on the Apscitu Law website. Actually, it wasn't just one case — living and running a business in Montana led to numerous cases. Montana is perpetually at the top of the list of most corrupt states and this is well-earned. A big part of the reason for this rampant corruption is that Montana is full of incompetents, particularly IT incompetents (but also lawyers, etc.); see Principles of IT Incompetence (IT Hiring: IT Incompetence Breeds Disloyalty and Corruption).

Wireless Crash Course x 2, Paul Bedell, McGraw-Hill, DePaul University, Amazon.

Dr. Thresher v. Prof. Bedell

          November 18, 2020

Dr. Thresher v. Prof. Bedell was my (Dr. Duane Thresher's) second foundational case; see IT Law Expertise in my Credentials on the Apscitu website and About Apscitu Law and Casebook on the Apscitu Law website. This case started while I was working as a network engineer at the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center in Alaska, where I did some research and work on cellular telephony (which itself involves important IT law issues). When I then started my own business, Thresher Networks LLC, in Montana, I continued this cellular telephony research, including buying from a just-published book, Wireless Crash Course — A Real World Perspective, Third Edition, by Paul Bedell, published by McGraw-Hill, Steve Chapman editor. Paul Bedell was/is a professor at DePaul University in Chicago, in the College of Computing and Digital Media, whose dean was/is Dr. David Miller, and used/uses the book in his courses.

Two unknown Chinese officials, German Gerrit Lohmann, AWI.

Dr. Thresher v. Prof. Dr. Lohmann

          November 17, 2020

Dr. Thresher v. Prof. Dr. Lohmann was my (Dr. Duane Thresher's) first foundational case; see IT Law Expertise in my Credentials on the Apscitu website and About Apscitu Law and Casebook on the Apscitu Law website. This case was from when I was still in academia, doing research at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Germany. My wife, Dr. Claudia Kubatzki, and I worked for Prof. Dr. Gerrit Lohmann, in his climate modeling group.

Evidence in this case can be found in the article I wrote about it, Corrupt German Climate Science, for my controversial website, (see Climate of Incompetence), particularly in the lawyer email thread referred to in that article.

Clown lawyer AG v. 800-pound gorilla Google G.

IT Incompetent Attorneys General v. Google

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          November 7, 2020

A few days before Halloween, U.S. Attorney General William Barr announced that he and the attorneys general (AG) of eleven states were filing a civil lawsuit against Google in U.S. District Court (the lowest federal court, where all federal cases must start) of the District of Columbia (where conveniently Google has a corporate presence) for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 (Title 15 of the United States Code, §§ 1-7). While Google is a prime candidate for an anti-monopoly lawsuit, given the IT incompetence of all the attorneys general and the IT incompetent track record of the U.S. Attorney General, and his Department of Justice, in antitrust lawsuits against IT corporations, this will take years and cost millions of dollars, and result in no real help to Google's victims.

Apscitu Puzzle #7.

Apscitu Puzzle #7 — For Election Day

          November 3, 2020

A puzzle for Election Day, as well as Halloween.

Download a pdf of Apscitu Puzzle #7 here. For puzzle background and discussion, which may help doing the puzzle, see the March 14, 2020 article, Introducing Apscitu Puzzles, including doing Apscitu Puzzle #1 if you haven't yet.

Apscitu Puzzle #6.

Apscitu Puzzle #6 — For Halloween

          October 31, 2020

A terrifying puzzle for Halloween. If it doesn't terrify you, that in itself is terrifying.

Download a pdf of Apscitu Puzzle #6 here. For puzzle background and discussion, which may help doing the puzzle, see the March 14, 2020 article, Introducing Apscitu Puzzles, including doing Apscitu Puzzle #1 if you haven't yet.

Apscitu Puzzle #5.

Apscitu Puzzle #5 — For 9/11

          September 11, 2020

In honor of the 3000 who needlessly died from IT incompetence. (I, Dr. Duane Thresher, was living in Manhattan on 9/11, directly under the flight path of the low-flying planes, which shook my apartment building.)

Download a pdf of Apscitu Puzzle #5 here. For puzzle background and discussion, which may help doing the puzzle, see the March 14, 2020 article, Introducing Apscitu Puzzles, including doing Apscitu Puzzle #1 if you haven't yet.

New York Times logo, their PGP public key, ProtonMail logo, goofy glasses media clown.

Incompetent Encryption Is Worse Than No Encryption

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          August 17, 2020

When you think of email security, you probably think of encryption. This is not the most important aspect of email security — your email server is, see About Apscitu Mail — but email encryption can add another layer of security, which is generally good. You might not use email encryption because you think the NSA, and more competent hackers, can break the encryption, but you are wrong; see No, The NSA Does Not Have Encryption-Breaking Quantum Computers. Or you might not use email encryption because it seems too complicated to use. In that case, you are right. Studies show that even the most user-friendly email encryption system is too difficult for even above-average users to use competently. And incompetent encryption is worse than no encryption because you are lulled into a false sense of security and insecurely send more, and more sensitive, data than you would otherwise. You might go looking around for some one-size-fits-all solution to your email encryption, particularly if you are someone like a whistleblower trying to contact the media, or vice versa, but you would be wrong then too. Your getting competent email encryption requires an IT expert working closely with you, i.e. custom work, like with Apscitu Mail. In that case, you would be right.

Experian hacked Sep 2013 - Sep 2015; hacked Oct 2013 - Sep 2015. Hacked

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          July 25, 2020, the Obamacare website, was launched in October 2013. Its launch was universally considered a monumental disaster and this was largely due to the IT incompetence of the website's foreign (Canadian) developers. There had been great concern would be hacked. When that didn't happen immediately it was taken as proof that its IT was secure. However, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Most hackers want to steal sensitive data, particularly identity data, undetected, and go to a lot of trouble for the undetected part, since it means they can continue to steal data, which is constantly updated, for years. Data breaches are thus often not discovered, and made public, until years later, if ever. In early March 2020, I made the shocking discovery, reported nowhere else, that, via Experian, had been hacked from its launch in October 2013 until September 2015, i.e. for 2 years.

No Twitter, fake Trump tweeting, nuclear explosion, Twitter dunce, hash, Apscitu.

Apscitu Warned of Twitter Hacking Two Years Ago

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          July 24, 2020

It was reported that in mid-July, Twitter, in its worst data breach yet, was hacked such that hackers could tweet from the accounts of the rich and powerful — e.g. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Barack Obama — in order to fool their followers into sending the hackers money via Bitcoin. Over two years ago I warned, including the Trump Administration, about the dangers of the rich and powerful using Twitter in Trump Using Twitter is a National Security Risk (February 2018) and about how IT incompetent Twitter was in How Twitter Made a Hash of Passwords (May 2018).

As reported, badly, by the IT incompetent media, once the hackers had control of the accounts of such rich and powerful Twitter users, they made tweets like "Everyone is asking me to give back. You send me $1,000, I send you back $2,000." along with a Bitcoin account number (address). While it is difficult to trace the owner of a Bitcoin account, how much is in the account is (by design) public knowledge and easily checked. Apparently this Twitter Bitcoin scam was quite successful — people believe such rich and powerful people wouldn't lie — garnering over $120,000 in just a few hours.

Apscitu Puzzle #4.

Apscitu Puzzle #4 — For the Birthday of the Worst U.S. Spy

          June 21, 2020

A puzzle to mark the birthday of the worst U.S. spy (that's a clue).

Download a pdf of Apscitu Puzzle #4 here. For puzzle background and discussion, which may help doing the puzzle, see the March 14, 2020 article, Introducing Apscitu Puzzles, including doing Apscitu Puzzle #1 if you haven't yet.

Apscitu Puzzle #3.

Apscitu Puzzle #3 — For Incompetent Corrupt Government Officials

          May 15, 2020

A puzzle to mark the day when I finally overcame obstructions by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and U.S. District Court Judge David J. Novak and served a summons on Northam in my case against him for violation of my First Amendment right to peaceably assemble, even during the Coronavirus Scare: Dr. Duane Thresher v. Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam. I had the summons served by going, without a mask, to Richmond, where both Northam and Novak work, and waiting while the Richmond Office of the Sheriff served the summons on Governor Northam.

Download a pdf of Apscitu Puzzle #3 here. For puzzle background and discussion, which may help doing the puzzle, see the March 14, 2020 article, Introducing Apscitu Puzzles, including doing Apscitu Puzzle #1 if you haven't yet.

Apscitu Puzzle #2.

Apscitu Puzzle #2 — For The Coronavirus Scare

          April 15, 2020

A puzzle to do during, and a puzzle relevant to, the Coronavirus Scare, the most destructive delusion ever perpetrated by the media, politicians, and scientists; one for the books, like Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. See Coronavirus and Spam: The Fear Is Worse Than The Disease.

Download a pdf of Apscitu Puzzle #2 here. For puzzle background and discussion, which may help doing the puzzle, see the March 14, 2020 article, Introducing Apscitu Puzzles, including doing Apscitu Puzzle #1 if you haven't yet.

From right to left: Chinese national emblem, Huawei logo, Made In Canada seal with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface, Democratic Party logo, State of New Hampshire seal, U.S. Presidential seal, IT.

Foreign Hacking of New Hampshire Voting Machines

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          February 12, 2020

The New Hampshire Primary was held yesterday. It's important because it's considered the first real election of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections and the winner of the Democratic primary (Trump is a shoo-in for the Republican primary) gets a much-needed boost. "Real election" means one where voting is done the same way as it will be in the final presidential election in November — voters go to an official polling place and use state-certified voting technology (IT). This is in contrast to the earlier Iowa Caucus, which was run by party officials and used, disastrously, their own voting IT, a smartphone app designed by IT incompetents; see IT Incompetence Caused the Iowa Democratic Caucus Catastrophe. After Iowa there was worry about the voting IT in all states. IT incompetence causes hacking and there is great fear of foreign hacking of this year's elections.

State of Iowa seal, Democratic Party logo, Shadow Inc logo, Fake, IT.

IT Incompetence Caused the Iowa Democratic Caucus Catastrophe

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          February 7, 2020

The Iowa Democratic Caucus was held February 3rd. "Caucus" is Latin for "drinking vessel" and historically (maybe even today) meant a private meeting in a smoke-filled back room to pre-select candidates for public office. The 2020 Iowa Democratic Caucus is very important because it is the first primary of the 2020 presidential election, the Democratic field is crowded with no clear leaders, and the winner would get a big boost. Thus the results should have been reported quickly, the evening of the caucus. But due to IT incompetence they weren't, it was days later. This left the Democrats looking foolish — if you can't run a relatively simple caucus how can you run the U.S. or even healthcare? — which lost them votes and money.

Ryan Kalember with Pinocchio nose and bike lock around his laptop, FAKE, Proofpoint logo, FCC seal, Email, 1st Amendment, Department of Commerce seal.

Proofpoint Investigation: Fraud and Government Email Tampering

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          January 10, 2020

The research for Net Neutrality: Who Controls the Communications of the Communications Controllers? led to further investigation of Proofpoint Inc., the IT incompetent email service provider for the IT incompetent Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It was discovered that Proofpoint is also the email service provider for the IT incompetent Department of Commerce (DOC) and that Proofpoint is illegally reading and blocking emails from people trying to contact both the FCC and the DOC based on Proofpoint's own arbitrary criteria, probably political or profit-seeking. Moreover, it was discovered that Proofpoint's Cybersecurity Executive Vice President (EVP), Ryan Kalember, is an IT incompetent fraud who has widely lied about his qualifications.

Susan Penfield, Q*bert.

No, The NSA Does Not Have Encryption-Breaking Quantum Computers

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          December 7, 2019

Many people who absolutely should be using email encryption, like VIPs, don't because they say the National Security Agency (NSA), and thus the CIA, FBI, etc., can break the encryption (decrypt) anyway so why bother; the encryption will just point out their email to the NSA as worth breaking. The slightly more knowledgeable of these people say that the NSA can break this encryption because they have encryption-breaking quantum computers. The IT incompetent NSA does nothing to dissuade them of this belief because it makes their job of reading people's emails much easier. And the IT incompetent media, universities, and tech companies can't hype quantum computers enough — it sells ads and gets funding and investors, much like bogus artificial intelligence stories do. However, without any NSA-insider knowledge you could have been fairly sure the NSA doesn't have encryption-breaking quantum computers and now with the NSA-insider revelations of Edward Snowden you can be very sure the NSA doesn't have encryption-breaking quantum computers. So encrypt your email. Let Apscitu help you do it right so it is actually unbreakable.

NSA seal, CIA seal, IT, clown, airliners crashing into World Trade Center towers.

9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          September 11, 2019

Today is the 18th anniversary of 9/11, which occurred in 2001. I was living in New York City (Manhattan) at the time, where both World Trade Center towers were brought down by foreign terrorists in hijacked airliners. I had been to the publicly-accessible tower top many times and it was weird trying to navigate the city without the towers. Living in NYC right after 9/11, waiting for the next attack, was scary.

The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are the U.S. Government organizations tasked with protecting us from foreign threats like 9/11. Their spectacular failure to prevent 9/11 — which all the evidence indicates should have been possible — was due to IT incompetence.

Stop IT Incompetence Masthead, Motto, ITIHOS, Principles, article.

Announcing The Stop IT Incompetence Website

          September 1, 2019

Formerly part of the Apscitu website, Stop IT Incompetence, home of the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame (ITIHOS), now has its own website and is greatly improved. The Stop IT Incompetence website though, links back to the Apscitu website for many things, including Credentials and Legal (see their tabs).

Like Apscitu Expert IT News, Stop IT Incompetence Expert News has longer, more in-depth articles but also has more frequent but shorter "blurbs". Blurbs, like this, are what Twitter's tweets always should have been: short but as long as needed to say something important non-cryptically and not controlled by anyone but the author.

US Internet backbone, net neutrality participants

Net Neutrality: Who Controls the Communications of the Communications Controllers?

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          August 10, 2019

Answer: Proofpoint Inc. of Sunnyvale California, just minutes down the road from Google, Facebook, and Twitter. The question more specifically: Who controls the email of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)? Your question: What does this have to do with net neutrality? My answer: Read on.

The Internet in the United States has a backbone. It's fiber optic cables able to carry massive amounts of data, starting with voice, across the country (note: I'm a certified fiber optic technician). These fiber optic cables, or at least their copper predecessors, were laid by AT&T back when it was a government-authorized monopoly — so could more easily get rights-of-way, the most valuable asset — long before the Internet started in the early 1990s.

No-caps email address, =, all-caps email address, ?.

Do Capitals In Email Addresses Make Any Difference?

          May 29, 2019

Mostly you see email addresses that have no capital letters, but you may have seen email addresses that were all caps or mixed caps and small letters. You may have wondered whether you can use caps yourself when giving out your own email address, perhaps to emphasize some part of it or indicate the start of individual words in a multi-word address. In more technical terms, you wondered whether email addresses are "case-sensitive".

The answer is caps shouldn't make any difference, but given the plague of IT incompetence there may be some bad programming along the way that results in caps causing problems and emails not reaching their destinations.

Cliff Clavin, Kristin Seaver, Gregory Crabb, NOT Benjamin Franklin.

The U.S. Mail SHOULD Be Worried About Email Competition

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 28, 2019

Even though it is a U.S. government agency explicitly written into the Constitution, the U.S. Mail, a.k.a. the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), considers itself a business. In fact, online it is not In the U.S. Mail's most basic function, delivering letters, it is of course subject to competition from email. And it should be worried about this email competition, very worried.

Cliff Clavin was the bumbling postman on the very popular TV sitcom Cheers. In one episode Cliff was worried about email putting the U.S. Mail out of business and him out of a job. So he took pills for this worry, especially every time some evidence supporting it popped up. He ended up taking so many pills he developed gynecomastia ("man breasts").

Swedish, Goran Marby, ICANN, Loki, world serpent.

ICANN Do Whatever I Wants

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 25, 2019

What is ICANN and why should you care that ICANN do whatever I wants? ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Among other profitable Internet fiefdoms, they control the Domain Name System (DNS).

You've probably heard of DNS but don't know exactly what it is. Computers on the Internet have numerical (IP) addresses, like When you go with your browser to a website, which is on a webserver computer somewhere on the Internet, you have to tell your browser the webserver computer address. People have a hard time remembering numbers like that but are much better with names, like, which is a domain name. DNS is a system of computers on the Internet, queried by your browser, that translate domain names into IP address numbers, like into

NSA, Big Brother, Russia, Sergey Brin with Google Glasses, Gmail, body snatcher pod, Columbia.

Google: Invasion of the Email Snatchers

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 18, 2019

I have been at four American universities since I graduated from high school as valedictorian: MIT, the University of Arizona, Columbia University, and the University of Alaska.

Three of these four have surrendered their email systems to Google. That means that the university email accounts of faculty, staff, students, and alumni are owned by Google — they are Google Mail (Gmail) accounts just like anyone can get, with the simple exception that the associated email address is not but

Bad programming climate scientist clown.

Climate of Incompetence

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          January 3, 2019

The first thing some people looking at do is Google me, Duane Thresher (use DuckDuckGo instead since they don't track you like Google). What they find is that according to Google I am most famous for climate, particularly my website I am one of the most qualified climate modelers in the world. Reading what Google tells them to, these people soon discover that I am also a global warming skeptic. Some of the less intelligent of these people quickly label me a climate change denier and dismiss anything I have to say after that. Then they go back to taking scientific and political advice from high school dropout celebrities. On I talk a lot about IT incompetence and how it is destroying America, particularly government, business, and the media. But another part of this destruction is climate science, the most political science there is. Let me tell you my story (the names are unchanged to damn the guilty).

Booz Allen logos, NSA IT seal, Edward Snowden, DHS Cyber seal, Fake, SEC C*O seal, bandit clown.

Booz Hacks Fed IT, Makes It Incompetent, Insecure, Bankrupt

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          November 15, 2018

Booz Allen Hamilton (a.k.a. Booz) was just awarded a $2.5 billion 10-year IT (which includes cybersecurity) contract by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with the help of the IT incompetent SEC Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chuck Riddle and the IT incompetent SEC Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Andrew Krug, who are both former Booz employees (a.k.a. Boozers). High school dropout and traitor Edward Snowden, who hacked the National Security Agency (NSA) then fled to Russia to avoid capture and execution for espionage, was also a Booz employee at the time. IT incompetent Jeanette Manfra, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity, is also a former Booz employee. All, except possibly Snowden, are in line to be rewarded with high-paid executive positions at Booz after they go through the government-business revolving door once again.

GSA CISO seal, Enron logo, IT FAKE, Arthur Andersen logo, Accenture logo, U.S. CIO seal.

Fed IT Run By Enron's Corrupt Accountant, IT Incompetent Accenture

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          October 24, 2018

I am investigating the General Services Administration (GSA) for my IT Incompetents Hall of Shame (ITIHOS). The GSA notoriously does procurement, including IT services, for the U.S. Government. As usual this investigation yielded IT incompetents responsible for GSA's IT. But I also discovered another connection to IT incompetence — and corruption — as so often happens while investigating for the ITIHOS. The GSA's longtime but retiring Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Kurt Garbars, who knows far more about drinking wine than cybersecurity, is essentially having his job outsourced to IT incompetent Accenture (CISO Nicole Dean), which has taken over much of federal IT, including the GSA's. Accenture used to be part of Arthur Andersen, Enron's top-five accounting firm that was dissolved after its criminal complicity in Enron's massive fraud. Suzette Kent, the Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO), who I wrote about in You're Fired! Trump's Worst Hire Ever: IT Incompetent Fed CIO Suzie Kent, worked for Accenture, in Financial Services, for almost 15 years before becoming Fed CIO, including during the Enron scandal. She will be making decisions about federal IT infrastructure. With GSA IT run by Accenture and with the Fed CIO a longtime Accenture employee — and probably a future Accenture executive — there is no question what corporation will be running federal IT, no matter how IT incompetent it is.

Yahoo then Facebook dunce CISO Alex Stamos.

Yahoo-Then-Facebook CISO Alex Stamos Allows Yet Another Massive Data Breach

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          September 29, 2018

Yesterday, Facebook admitted to yet another massive data breach; 50 million user accounts compromised. Alex Stamos was (Jun 2015 – Aug 2018) Facebook's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO a.k.a. CSO) when the hole that allowed the breach was introduced into Facebook's code (Jul 2017). Stamos was (Mar 2014 – Jun 2015) also CISO of Yahoo during their two massive data breaches (late 2014); 500 million and 1 billion user accounts compromised. Stamos staggeringly exemplifies another aspect of IT incompetence: being overwhelmingly more interested in imposing his political beliefs on customers than in being competent at his high-paid IT job.

Left: Twitter logo bird wearing dunce cap and hash mark.  Right: A can of ro\
ast beef hash.

How Twitter Made a Hash of Passwords

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          May 4, 2018

Yesterday it was reported that Twitter user passwords may have been exposed, at least to Twitter employees, which may be a bigger security risk than you think, and any Twitter hackers. The descriptions of the technical aspects of this story in the IT incompetent media have been awful, to say the least. Here is the best description, one boiled down to its understandable essentials, from an actual IT expert.

When you are at your computer or smartphone and want to log in to Twitter you enter your password into the browser or app. (Probably you have your computer or smartphone remember the password for you but that is not important here.)

Photos of Hoover Dam and Vladimir Putin.

Handing Over America's Electrical Grid to the Russians

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          April 26, 2018

Despite recent massive data breaches like Equifax and Facebook, Americans seem to have become inured to having their most personal data stolen by foreign hackers, particularly Russia, probably because most don't see an effect immediately. This "hacking fatigue" will end dramatically when America's electrical (power) grid is "pwned". That's hacking slang for taken over. Actually, given the embrace of IT incompetence by government and business it is more like America just handed over its electrical grid to the Russians. I use the past tense because America's electrical grid is probably already pwned by the Russians, but being smart they are just waiting for an important event, like a war, before using and thus exposing their powerful secret weapon. Where will you be when the lights go out?

Photos of Allan Thomson and a British clown.

Secret Service Outsources IT to IT Incompetent Foreign-Influenced Company

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          April 23, 2018

The Secret Service is tasked with protecting President Trump's life. Like it or not, President Trump is hated even by our closest allies, who make no secret about wanting him dead. These days protecting the President involves a lot of Internet work. You would reasonably expect that this work would be done by the highest-grade IT people, people not from foreign countries. But incredibly, the Secret Service outsources this work to an IT incompetent foreign-influenced company, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions.

Recently, I was looking at the web logs for Apscitu's website. This is basic critical IT security practice since websites are the leading attack vector for hackers.

Photos of President Trump and Suzie Kent with You're Fired!

You're Fired! Trump's Worst Hire Ever: IT Incompetent Fed CIO Suzie Kent

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          April 10, 2018

There has been endless ignorant talk about President Trump's hirings (and firings). Whatever else his appointments have been, most have at least been somewhat qualified. Not so with his appointment of IT incompetent Suzette Kent as Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO), the CIO of CIOs. Suzie Kent is Trump's worst hire ever and should be fired.

A CIO is not just any management position. It requires a specific education, exactly like judges being educated in the law or doctors being educated in medicine. If a CIO does not have to have an IT education then neither should a judge have to have a law education or a doctor a medical education.

Photo of Equifax's tombstone.

Equifax Dead: Hacked So Credit Reports Worthless

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          April 5, 2018

Last year Equifax allowed the worst data breach in history and the legal fallout continues. Everyone assumes that the worst result of the Equifax hacking was that hundreds of millions of people, including those at sensitive government agencies, like national security agencies, had their most personal financial information given to hackers. That is indeed horrendous but that may not be the worst of it. No one has considered that with Equifax hacked its credit reports are worthless, even illegal, since the Equifax hacking may have been to change credit reports, not just steal data.

Everyone knows how important credit reports are. They are essentially used to determine where you can work and live. Even before the hacking, Equifax had major problems making sure the data it gathered was correct, and had been successfully sued numerous times for getting it wrong and harming people. Trying to discover what data for hundreds of millions of people has been changed by hackers is well beyond the capabilities of Equifax IT.

Photos of James Comey and Michael Horowitz.

FBI Hacking Investigation Negligence Lawsuit

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          February 22, 2018

My family and I, particularly our young daughter, were the victims of not one but two(!) health insurance company data breaches: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and Premera Blue Cross. At the time (2013 – 2015) these were two of the worst data breaches ever.

It was officially pretended that identity theft was the only concern from these so only cheap credit monitoring (probably using the now-hacked Equifax) for a couple of years needed to be offered as a remedy. However, child abductors, including pedophiles, find this information invaluable since it includes names, addresses and medical records, which is personal information that greatly aids a child abductor.

Fake Trump tweeting, Twitter logo, nuclear explosion.

Trump Using Twitter is a National Security Risk

By Duane Thresher, Ph.D.          February 8, 2018

There has been a lot of condemnation of President Trump using Twitter, but mostly by his opposition because he has used it so successfully. No IT expert thought has been given to whether Trump using Twitter is a national security risk. CIA Director Mike Pompeo has said that Trump's use of Twitter is not a national security risk. Unfortunately, and with all due respect, IT incompetence is rampant in government and business and analysis by an IT expert gives the opposite answer: Trump using Twitter is a national security risk. It is imperative however that President Trump be able to speak directly to the people, since not being able to is a national security risk itself, so a Twitter alternative is required.

Whatever appears on Twitter from Trump's account, @realDonaldTrump, has extreme and immediate believability the world over. It is well-known that Trump uses Twitter — he currently has 47.5 million followers, some of them probably heads of state and other higher-ups in foreign governments.