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Dell-CIA hacked 2012 Edward Snowden.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), 2012

Since Information Technology (IT) is really communication-of-information technology, IT is mostly computer networking. (Cyber is a prefix meaning IT, so for example, IT security is also known as cybersecurity.) "Computer" includes supercomputers, servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones (landlines and cells), TV, etc. There has been a "convergence" and all of these devices now communicate -- their most important function -- over the same network, the Internet .

For years the CIA was primarily a human spy agency. They did little with IT except use it to communicate securely with their human spies and break the communications of enemy human spies, particularly those from the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union had dissolved about ten years before 9/11 (early 1990's) and terrorists had become the big threat. It quickly became apparent that the way to stop terrorists was to monitor them on the Internet, which had also become widely used about ten years before 9/11 (early 1990's).

The CIA's IT equipment was actually surprisingly bad before 9/11. More importantly (and the cause of the bad IT equipment), their people were IT incompetent, particularly their leaders.

When 9/11 occurred the IT incompetent CIA was thus caught completely unaware, resulting in 3000 dead and billions in damage.

See 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence.

After 9/11, the CIA turned their mega national security failure into a mega funding success. They got more money from Congress for IT than they knew what to do with. Literally, they did not know what to do with the money; they were IT incompetent.

Since the CIA themselves were IT incompetent and knew it, they hired companies who said they were IT competent. And a flood of money from the U.S. Government, with essentially no oversight (particularly for secret agencies), brings a flood of frauds/fakes.

As it was when it was started, Dell is still essentially just a retailer of lackluster computer equipment put together from readily available parts made in China. Dell chooses to sell mostly to the U.S. Government -- at overly high prices -- because individual consumers are picky about what they spend their hard-earned money on.

With Dell equipment everywhere in the U.S. Government, agencies like the CIA mistakenly assume Dell must be IT competent, but that is nonsense -- just because someone sells medical equipment does not mean he is a doctor.

See Principles of IT Incompetence (IT Hiring: Cascade Failure).

Since Dell itself was IT incompetent and knew it, they hired people who said they were IT competent. And an incompetent company offering high-paying jobs attracts a lot of frauds/fakes, like high school dropout Edward Snowden.

Incompetents are more likely to be disloyal since they constantly fear for their jobs anyway; see Principles of IT Incompetence (IT Hiring: IT Incompetence Breeds Disloyalty and Corruption). Snowden may have intentionally gone to work for Dell so that he could work for the CIA and steal documents (data) from them. In fact, while Snowden is most notorious for stealing documents from the NSA, most of the documents he stole were from the CIA. He intentionally went from working for Dell and the CIA to working for Booz Allen Hamilton so he could work for the NSA and steal some documents he couldn't get from the CIA.

Snowden was discovered stealing documents at the NSA, in 2013, only because he was done and fled to Russia to avoid capture and execution for espionage. His larger theft (data breach) at the CIA in 2012 would also have never been discovered otherwise.

While not often phrased that way by an IT incompetent media and more often called espionage, Snowden indeed hacked the CIA and the incident was a data breach (hacking). Physically stealing data (documents), classic espionage, is a big part of hacking too (for example, hacking conferences often include physical lock picking competitions). What Snowden did has been called the worst espionage incident in U.S. history, so it was thus also the worst data breach.

Snowden is a media darling so the IT incompetent media often does not even call what he did espionage. They call it whistle-blowing. This is particularly true since Snowden is the career-saving creation of IT incompetent expatriate writer Glenn Greenwald, who also backed traitorous spy Chelsea Manning. But Snowden as whistle-blower is more media stupidity because as stated Snowden may have intentionally gone to work for the CIA, and certainly intentionally for the NSA, so that he could steal documents/data. Legally, this intention makes Snowden a spy not a whistle-blower.

The CIA learned nothing from this data breach. They turned their IT over to extreme IT incompetent CIA Chief Information Officer (CIO) John Edwards, whose only IT education is from ITT Technical Institute, which was shut down by the U.S. Government as just a student loan scam that provided an education that was worthless, to any employer who was even a little knowledgeable; essentially Edwards does not even have a college education. Begun by IT incompetent former CIA CIO Doug Wolfe, Edwards is surrendering the CIA's IT to Amazon, which employs thousands of untrustworthy foreigners, particularly Indians (from India).