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Announcing The Stop IT Incompetence Website

          September 1, 2019

Formerly part of the Apscitu website, Stop IT Incompetence, home of the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame (ITIHOS), now has its own website and is greatly improved. The Stop IT Incompetence website though, links back to the Apscitu website for many things, including Credentials and Legal (see their tabs).

Like Apscitu Expert IT News, Stop IT Incompetence Expert News has longer, more in-depth articles but also has more frequent but shorter "blurbs". Blurbs, like this, are what Twitter's tweets always should have been: short but as long as needed to say something important non-cryptically and not controlled by anyone but the author.

Articles/blurbs that are about IT incompetence have their home on the Stop IT Incompetence website and they alone appear on Stop IT Incompetence Expert News; they also still appear on Apscitu Expert IT News but only as entries with links. Apscitu Expert IT News is the aggregator for general IT news and IT incompetence news, as well as email news (see Apscitu Mail Expert Email News; articles/blurbs about IT incompetence in email will appear in both Stop IT Incompetence Expert News and Apscitu Mail Expert Email News, with their home website being what they are primarily about). Thus the RSS and email subscriptions (see their tabs) on the Stop IT Incompetence website are for Apscitu Expert IT News.

Stop IT Incompetence is still home to the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame (ITIHOS; see its tab) but it has been greatly improved, in both design and individual entries. Similarly, Stop IT Incompetence still has the Principles of IT Incompetence (see its tab) but this has been greatly expanded and improved; the original article has been divided into entries for individual principles. Finally, particularly as an accompaniment to the ITIHOS, a Data Breaches section (see its tab), much like an ITIHOS, has been added, since all data breaches are caused by IT incompetence, i.e. IT incompetents.