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Campbell, Lyn

Proofpoint Senior Vice President (SVP) for Global Operations and Information Technology (IT), Dec 2018 - present. Proofpoint Corporate Vice President for Global Operations, May 2014 - present. IT incompetent Proofpoint provides cybersecurity services, particularly for email, to the U.S. Government, particularly the IT incompetent Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Yahoo! Production Engineering Leader, Jun 2007 - May 2014. Yahoo! Senior Director Home Page & Verticals Production Engineering, Oct 2011 - Apr 2014.

No IT education. Only a BA in English from the University of California Berkeley.

Before fleeing to Proofpoint in May 2014 Campbell worked in engineering at Yahoo! for 7 years. She was one of the IT incompetent clowns who let hackers destroy Yahoo! in a series of massive data breaches starting in 2013 -- the bad IT was in place long before that -- and she was one of the rats who then swam away as Yahoo! sank.

As discussed in Net Neutrality: Who Controls the Communications of the Communications Controllers?, Campbell was obviously not hired for her IT expertise. She clearly has neither the expertise nor the desire -- they usually go together -- to provide secure email. It must be something else; see Principles of IT Incompetence (IT Hiring: Trading IT Competence for Political Correctness). Being an English major her desire is to get what she wants to say, however stupid, to a wider audience. And given that her BA in English is from the University of California Berkeley, home of violent anti free speech protests (only leftist liberals can speak), what she wants to say is very leftist liberal. Campbell would certainly read the FCC's email to help out Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the leftist liberal cause.