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Dean, Nicole

Accenture Federal Services data breach Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Jan or Jun 2017 – present. For more of her shocking employment history see IT Incompetent Fed IT Company Accenture and CISO Nicole Dean Ransomwared, National Security In Danger.

Fake IT education. An IT education is the most important IT credential and Dean only has a 1-year(!) Master of Science in Management in information systems security from Colorado Technical University. Colorado Technical University — nothing officially to do with the State of Colorado, although that association was probably fraudulently intended — is a notorious for-profit college providing worthless educations, to employers who are even a little knowledgeable, and worthless degrees, to those few who can afford to pay the exorbitant tuition long enough to get one; see No IT Education: For-Profit and Community Colleges, Other Training in Principles of IT Incompetence. The federal government would not provide educational loans to those attending CTU, so should not accept an education from it as a qualification for government jobs, including contractors actually doing those jobs. No other college so essentially Dean didn't even go to college.

Nicole Dean was added to the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame, Business and Government, when she was first written about in Fed IT Run By Enron's Corrupt Accountant, IT Incompetent Accenture. The emphasis then was on her, as CISO of Accenture Federal Services, a corrupt-from-the-start fed IT company, replacing IT incompetent Kurt Garbars, the retiring CISO (supposedly officially replaced by IT incompetent Mohammed Berlas) of the U.S. General Services Administration, itself notorious for corruption. It was noted that IT incompetent Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO), also used to work for Accenture and while Fed CIO would swing federal IT services contracts to Accenture.

Three years later, in an "I told you so" after Accenture was hacked/ransomwared, IT incompetent Accenture Federal Services Chief Information Security Officer Nicole Dean was written about more extensively in IT Incompetent Fed IT Company Accenture and CISO Nicole Dean Ransomwared, National Security In Danger. It was noted that IT incompetent John Edwards, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) CIO, also used to work for Accenture.