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CTU-Accenture-GSA fake CISO Nicole Dean.

Dean, Nicole

Accenture Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Jun 2017 - present. IT incompetent Accenture is a leading provider of IT services to the U.S. Government, particularly the IT incompetent General Services Administration (GSA).

Fake IT education. Only a 1-year(!) MSM (Master of Science in Management) in information systems security from Colorado Technical University (CTU; nothing to do with the State of Colorado; named only to deceive), a notorious for-profit college that is considered fraudulent by the U.S. Government and 48 states, who sued CTU for $500 million for deception about the value of its education, which is essentially worthless (to employers who were even a little knowledgeable). No other college so essentially Dean didn't even go to college. Much like the CIA's CIO John Edwards getting his only college education from the shuttered student-loan-scam ITT Technical Institute.

IT incompetent Accenture used to be part of Arthur Andersen, a top-five accounting firm that worked for Enron but was dissolved, just after it spun off Accenture, after it was found criminally complicit in Enron's massive fraud. See Fed IT Run By Enron's Corrupt Accountant, IT Incompetent Accenture. Accenture has spawned numerous IT incompetent government IT officials, like John Edwards and Suzette Kent.

As Accenture CISO, contracting for the GSA, Dean is essentially the outsourced "replacement" for the GSA's own IT incompetent CISO Kurt Garbars. The GSA notoriously does procurement, including IT services, for the U.S. Government. It has a history of lavish spending on itself (parties, etc.) and the handing out of contracts to incompetent cronies.

It would be hard to be more fake/fraudulent than having a degree from Colorado Technical University, working for Enron/Arthur Andersen/Accenture, and contracting for the GSA.