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GoDaddy, fake, CIO, Swedish, Arne Josefsberg.

Josefsberg, Arne

GoDaddy Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Infrastructure Officer, Executive Vice President, Nov 2017 - present. GoDaddy CIO, Chief Technology Officer, Jan 2016 - present. GoDaddy CIO, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Executive Vice President, Jan 2014 - present.

No IT education. The non-IT MS he does have is from an obscure Swedish college and a Swedish MS is equivalent, if at all, to an American BS (4 years after high school). Like many Europeans, the Swedish claim their BS degree is an MS so that Swedes can outcompete Americans for American jobs. Swedish universities are also typically inferior to American universities; that's why so many come to America for college.

Foreigner: Swedish. Same as Goran Marby, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) CEO and President, who Josefsberg colludes with in corrupt domain name registration practices.

Josefsberg holding so many important positions at GoDaddy is indicative of a massively IT incompetent failing company grasping at straws and putting anyone who looks, to an IT incompetent eye, like he might know anything about IT, in charge of ... everything.

I have personal experience with GoDaddy/Josefsberg's IT incompetence, as well as their domain name registration corruption. I used to use GoDaddy for domain name registration and webhosting, until (2018) their IT incompetence became financially unbearable -- they screwed up the DNS on my business website, made the website unreachable, and would do nothing to fix it. When I tried to move my domain names to another registrar, GoDaddy/Josefsberg put an arbitrary 60-day hold on them, hoping I would just forget or give up and continue paying their exorbitant annual domain name registration fees. See ICANN Do Whatever I Wants.

Additionally, Josefsberg was probably responsible for GoDaddy hacking its own customers, as I wrote about in GoDaddy Hacks Its Own Customers.