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Lyman, Kelly

PECO (originally Philadelphia Electric Company) Chief Information Officer (CIO), Mar 2012 – present. PECO IT Director, Sep 2008 – Mar 2012.

No IT education. An IT education is the most important IT credential and not only does Lyman not have an IT education, she has no college degree at all.

From Hacking and Forced Meltdown of Nuclear Power Plants: Upwind of Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia:
Peach Bottom nuclear power plant is in Pennsylvania (PA) but just 3 miles north of the Maryland (MD) border, and is about 65 miles — like Chernobyl from Kiev — as the wind blows, from Washington DC and Rockville MD, home of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is one of the U.S. Government agencies responsible for the safety, including security, of nuclear power plants; see Nuclear 9/11. Peach Bottom is also about 35 miles, as the wind blows, from Baltimore MD, and about 55 miles, as the wind blows, from Philadelphia PA.

Peach Bottom nuclear power plant is old — already 50, but licensed for another 30 — and lacks modern cooling towers (and containment domes), like Chernobyl. For the all-important cooling, it mostly uses the Susquehanna River next to it, which flows into Chesapeake Bay, around which are Washington and Baltimore. In a meltdown, the Susquehanna River could also carry radioactive contamination to those cities.

The present metro area population of Washington is 5.4 million, the present metro area population of Baltimore is 2.3 million (about the same as Kiev in 1986), and the present metro area population of Philadelphia is 5.7 million.

10% of all of these means 1.3 million dead 30 days after a Peach Bottom nuclear power plant meltdown.

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant is also on the Susquehanna River, 35 miles upstream from the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant. Three Mile Island had a near-meltdown in 1979; see Ransomwared Nuclear Power Plants Upwind of Major U.S. Cities. It is now closed but still radioactive. Interestingly, Georgian Jimmy Carter, another weak Democratic president like Joe Biden, was in office during the Three Mile Island near-meltdown.

Peach Bottom nuclear power plant has an abysmal safety record (including leaks of radioactive water into the Susquehanna River), to say the least, and this includes security. As recently as 2007, there was another scandal about the already minimal number of security guards being reported, after being filmed, by a whistleblower (who was fired after) as spending much of their time sleeping.

Physically breaking into Peach Bottom nuclear power plant would thus be easy and being able to physically access a computer makes hacking into it easy. Edward Snowden hacked the CIA and NSA this way. Hacking conventions, themselves of questionable legality, often have lock picking competitions.

Peach Bottom nuclear power plant is operated by PECO, which was originally called the Philadelphia Electric Company. Kelly Lyman is the woman CIO (Chief Information Officer) "responsible for all information technology at PECO".

An IT education is the most important IT credential and on her company leadership webpage, under Education, Kelly Lyman only says "has received Six Sigma Black Belt certification and has multiple project management and leadership certifications". Six Sigma, a term from statistics (meaning standard deviation) so meant to seem scientific, is a management certification, considered by many real experts to be a scam, particularly with its ridiculous use of a judo belt color hierarchy.

That Kelly Lyman gives only this as her education on her company leadership webpage is understandable since on her LinkedIn page, under Education, she only has an obscure community college that she only attended for a year, without receiving a degree, in business administration and an obscure adult learning online college that she "attended" for 8 years, without receiving a degree, in organizational leadership.

Not only does Kelly Lyman not have an IT education, she has no college degree at all.

Worse, also on her LinkedIn page Kelly Lyman gives her other certification: the Deloitte Next Generation CIO Academy. IT incompetent Deloitte was discussed in Dangerous Fraud Kelly Bissell, IT Incompetent Accenture Head CISO:
In Oct 2017 it was finally made public that, after almost 14 years with Kelly Bissell doing cybersecurity for Deloitte and probably starting while he was still there, Deloitte's email and administrative (root) accounts had been hacked, including those of clients the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (for the preceding agencies, see also the recent The Doomsday Microsoft Government Email Data Breach), as well as the U.S. Postal Service (see also The U.S. Mail SHOULD Be Worried About Email Competition).
This was right around the time that Kelly Lyman got her Deloitte CIO certification, which was years after she became PECO CIO.

Kelly Lyman is a dangerous IT incompetent. Like the incompetent physical security guards at Peach Bottom nuclear power plant, is never going to be able to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin's hackers from remotely breaking in and forcing a meltdown.