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Penfield, Susan

Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH, Booz) Chief "Innovation" Officer ("CIO"), Apr 2016 – present. IT incompetent Booz is a leading provider of IT services to the U.S. Government, particularly defense and intelligence, like the IT incompetent National Security Agency (NSA).

No IT education. Only a BS in management. But ironically, as Penfield spouts everywhere, she is "passionate about mentoring and advocating for women in STEM careers" (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math; see Principles of IT Incompetence (No IT Education: STEM). Of course she is; she has to justify her own fraudulent career. She has a STEM career but was too stupid and lazy to actually get a STEM education. She is the epitome of IT incompetence and everything that is wrong with the STEM movement. Getting a STEM education is long hard work and the motivation to get one has to come from inside a person, from being smart and STEM-passionate, not from incompetent idiots like Penfield who knows she is a fraud in her job so tries to justify it. Her Booz profile reads like a pointy-haired boss's: a lot of buzzwords strung together that she clearly doesn't understand the meaning of.

So that blame couldn't be placed and responsibility accepted, after Booz's data breach in Jul 2011, in which it let hackers have thousands of military emails, Booz no longer has a real CIO, i.e. Chief Information Officer, but tries to pretend it does by using the same initials. Equifax did the same thing after its massive data breach. See "musical titles" in Booz Hacks Fed IT, Makes It Incompetent, Insecure, Bankrupt.

Booz has been called the world's largest commercial spy agency, ironically doing so for other countries besides the U.S. Many of Booz's IT employees and former employees are IT incompetent.

The most notorious is high school dropout and traitorous spy Edward Snowden, who hacked the NSA while a Booz employee. Others of Booz's IT incompetent employees besides Snowden have been involved in espionage against the U.S., which is not surprising because the incompetent are more likely to be disloyal since they constantly fear for their jobs anyway; see Principles of IT Incompetence (IT Hiring: IT Incompetence Breeds Disloyalty and Corruption).

For even more of Booz's IT incompetent former employees that are now high IT officials, see Booz Hacks Fed IT, Makes It Incompetent, Insecure, Bankrupt, which also discusses former Booz employees: SEC data breach CISO Andrew Krug; SEC data breach CTO Chuck Riddle; and DHS Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity Jeanette Manfra.

It was just such IT incompetence at the NSA that caused 9/11, which could and should have been discovered beforehand and stopped. All this makes Booz itself, particularly Penfield, a severe threat to national security.