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LookingGlass Secret Service dunce CIO Allan Thomson.

Thomson, Allan

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions Chief Technology Officer (CTO; Chief Information Officer (CIO) equivalent), Aug 2013 - present. IT incompetent LookingGlass provides IT services to the IT incompetent Secret Service.

Little IT education. Only a BS in computer science from the low-ranked University of Glasgow.

Foreigner: British. BS from the University of Glasgow and British universities are well-known for Russian agents. See Principles of IT Incompetence (IT Hiring: Foreigners).

As LookingGlass CIO equivalent, contracting for the Secret Service, Thomson is essentially the outsourced "replacement" for the Secret Service's own IT incompetent CIO, Kevin Nally.

The Secret Service protects the President's life. These days that is largely an intelligence matter that requires advanced IT, so the Secret Service CIO, which is essentially Thomson, should have an advanced IT degree, which Thomson certainly does not. Besides foreigners taking American jobs being just wrong, there are obvious severe security risks from a foreigner protecting the President, who is generally hated abroad. See Secret Service Outsources IT to IT Incompetent Foreign-Influenced Company (as well as Secret Service, Spectre Hacker Threatens Trump With God's Justice). Good luck Mr. President.