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Zuckerberg, Mark

Facebook founder/programmer, 2003 – present. Facebook is both business and media.

Little IT education. Second-year college dropout majoring in psychology and computer science. Pretends he's an IT expert; see Artificial Intelligence: Savior, Antichrist, or Hyperbole?

Like most of the Web, a lot of the problems with Facebook, particularly security problems, which includes privacy, is just bad programming (computer science), which existed from when Zuckerberg founded/programmed Facebook.

Zuckerberg majored in psychology so he could manipulate people and, like many who go into psychology, to understand his own mental problems.

Facebook started as a sexual harassment website when Zuckerberg was in college. He illicitly obtained photos of women students and then posted them in pairs and asked who was hotter. See Facebook Has A Database Of User ID Photos. He was nearly expelled for this. If it had happened these days, he would have been expelled, and much worse would have befallen him.

Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook as a social networking website, after taking money to create a social networking website, and he was successfully sued for millions for this.

Zuckerberg's corrupt behavior increased, since it was held even less in check, as Facebook grew, which it did dramatically. For example, see Insecure Facebook Demands Your Passport, Bank Statements, Medical Records, ... and Facebook Reads Your And Government Officials'/Politicians' Email.

This corruption, including monopolistic business practices, explains Zuckerberg's and Facebook's success, not any IT genius on his part (dumb luck also played a part).

For example, Zuckerberg foolishly hired Facebook and Yahoo data breaches IT incompetent Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Alex Stamos; see Yahoo-Then-Facebook CISO Alex Stamos Allows Yet Another Massive Data Breach.

Once Facebook effectively had a monopoly, Zuckerberg's corruption turned to being Big Brother (see mentioned articles) and censoring non-politically-correct speech, for which Congress has been investigating him (see Fake Federal Facebook Fury Finally Finished).