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USPS, fake, CISO, Gregory Crabb.

Crabb, Gregory

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) post data breach and data breach Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), May 2015 - present. The USPS also considers itself a business, e.g. its website is not

No IT education. Only a BA in accounting.

$198,790 is Crabb's most recent annual salary as of May 2019 according to my FOIA request to USPS. USPS stalled this FOIA for 5 months, until I threatened a lawsuit. Three days later the requested information came, not via fast email but in the U.S. Mail and backdated 3 months so USPS could lie on their FOIA response statistics. The USPS did indeed have something to hide. Crabb has one of the highest salaries in the IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame (ITIHOS). It is more than most doctors or lawyers make and, unlike Crabb, they are at least qualified; by law they have to be.

In Nov 2014 it was reported that 800,000 USPS records had been exposed to hackers; it was described as a "massive" data breach at the time. IT incompetent Randy Miskanic was USPS CISO during this data breach. IT incompetent Crabb was his replacement. In Nov 2018 Crabb had his own data breach: 60,000,000 USPS records were exposed to hackers; it's unknown what word to use to describe it if the previous "massive" data breach was only 800,000.

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