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Accenture-Federal fake CIO Suzette Kent.

Kent, Suzette

Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO), the top IT job in the U.S. Government, Feb 2018 - present. Previously worked for IT incompetent Accenture.

No IT education. Only a BA in journalism or advertising and marketing, depending on whether you believe Louisiana State University or her LinkedIn page, respectively (did she lie on her resume?).

$165,300 is Kent's most recent annual salary as of Feb 2019 according to my FOIA request to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). This is outrageous. Many doctors and lawyers don't make that much and, unlike Kent, they are at least qualified; by law they have to be.

See my original article about Kent: You're Fired! Trump's Worst Hire Ever: IT Incompetent Fed CIO Suzie Kent.

Later I discovered Kent previously worked for IT incompetent Accenture, a leading provider of IT services to the U.S. Government, but went through the business-government revolving door; see Principles of IT Incompetence (IT Hiring: Government, Business, and the Revolving Door). Accenture used to be part of Arthur Andersen, a top-five accounting firm that worked for Enron but was dissolved, just after it spun off Accenture, after it was found criminally complicit in Enron's massive fraud. See Fed IT Run By Enron's Corrupt Accountant, IT Incompetent Accenture. Accenture has spawned numerous IT incompetent government IT officials, like John Edwards and Nicole Dean.