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Nally, Kevin

Secret Service Chief Information Officer (CIO), Nov 2015 – present.

No IT education. An IT education is the most important IT credential and Nally only has a BS in agronomy and crop science and a Master's in ship building.

$188,700 is Nally's most recent annual salary as of Feb 2019 according to my FOIA request to the Secret Service (yes, even the Secret Service is subject to FOIA). This is outrageous. Many doctors and lawyers don't make that much and, unlike Nally, they are at least qualified; by law they have to be.

The Secret Service essentially outsourced its CIO job but to a foreigner with a not much better IT education — LookingGlass Cyber Solutions's own IT incompetent CIO Allan Thomson; see Secret Service Outsources IT to IT Incompetent Foreign-Influenced Company (as well as Secret Service, Spectre Hacker Threatens Trump With God's Justice). So taxpayers get to overpay two IT incompetent people to do the same job.

The Secret Service protects the President's life. These days that is largely an intelligence matter that requires advanced IT, so the Secret Service CIO should have an advanced IT degree, not degrees in farming and ship building.

Incompetence combined with the Secret Service's history of drunkenness means the President is in real danger. Good luck Mr. President.