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Pagliano, Bryan

Department of State (DOS) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's IT tech, Jan 2009 - Jan 2013. Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign IT director.

No IT education. Only a BA in political science and an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Pagliano was responsible for setting up and administering the unsecured and illegal email server Hillary Clinton used for government business, some of it top secret. This risked national security -- it was hacked -- and cost Hillary Clinton the presidency.

The salary of Pagliano is unknown because he was paid off the State Department's books by Hillary herself. Just like the reason for the private email server in the first place, this makes his salary not subject to the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), which I know from experience is the only way to get such information.

Pagliano was thus a private citizen with no security clearance, yet had access to top secret emails on the server. It is unknown what he did with them.