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Wolfe, Doug

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief Information Officer (CIO), Oct 2013 – Feb 2016, preceding current IT incompetent CIA CIO.

No IT education. Only a BS in mechanical engineering, which is not an IT degree.

The salary of Wolfe is unknown because the CIA is conveniently not subject to the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA), which I know from experience is the only way to get such information. I tried anyway but was refused. The CIA is the perfect place for an IT incompetent to hide; for another example, see Edward Snowden.

On Wolfe's watch, the CIA may have been hacked. Because he knows he is an IT incompetent fraud, he initiated outsourcing the CIA's IT to Amazon, which can hire whoever (e.g., Indians in India). Like the NSA, the CIA also hired high school dropout and traitor Edward Snowden and was hacked by him; in fact, most top secret documents stolen by Snowden were from the CIA. See 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence.

Wolfe preceded current IT incompetent CIA CIO John Edwards.

An IT incompetent being CIA CIO poses a severe national security threat. It was just such IT incompetence at the CIA and NSA that caused 9/11, which could and should have been discovered beforehand and stopped. See 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence.