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Media IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame

"Nobody who writes for the major national publications knows shit about computers." -- Steve Jobs, during a Wall Street Journal interview.

To understand and appreciate the Media IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame (ITIHOS) be sure to read the Principles of IT Incompetence, right up to The IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame (ITIHOS).

Alphabetical by last name or search for name or organization. Because of overlap, since media is a business for example, some IT incompetents are listed in more than one ITIHOS, although they have only one entry.

Fox News IT fake Christopher Carbone.

Carbone, Christopher

Fox News IT writer, Sep 2016 - present.

No IT education. Only a BA in English and an MA in journalism, in which, according to Carbone's LinkedIn page, his greatest achievement was "passed all courses". Also according to his LinkedIn page, he spent almost a year as a farm trainee -- as an occupation, since his degrees are worthless, not as part of a story -- where he "fed and cared for the chickens" and "composted regularly".

New York Times BuzzFeed cybersecurity fake Sheera Frenkel.

Frenkel, Sheera

New York Times (NYT) cybersecurity writer, May 2017 - present. BuzzFeed cybersecurity writer, Sep 2014 - May 2017. BuzzFeed Middle East writer, Sep 2013 - Mar 2015.

No IT education. Only a BS in journalism.

Frenkel's cybersecurity qualifications according to her: "She has said that her time as a foreign correspondent aids her coverage of cybersecurity: People are always speaking different languages and their motivations are often unclear." ...

The Guardian No Place To Hide IT fake GlennGreenwald.

Greenwald, Glenn

Guardian newspaper writer, Jul 2012 - Oct 2013. Author of book No Place To Hide, Dec 2012 - May 2014.

No IT education. Only a BA in philosophy and a JD (law degree). Greenwald is IT incompetent by his own admission in No Place To Hide. As a lawyer he would almost certainly object to someone without a legal education practicing law.

New York Times Sony Weinstein cybersecurity fake Nicole Perlroth.

Perlroth, Nicole

New York Times (NYT) cybersecurity writer, Dec 2011 - present.

No IT education. Only a BA in politics and Near Eastern studies and an MA in communications (the dumb jock major not telecommunications).

Perlroth doesn't even know enough about cybersecurity, the basics, to protect herself, a national figure, and her family, never mind inform the government and public about national security. ...

New York Times Conde Nast Wired Ars Technica fake cybersecurity CTO Nick Rockwell.

Rockwell, Nick

New York Times (NYT) Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Nov 2015 - present. Conde Nast (includes IT magazines Wired and Ars Technica) CTO, Feb 2015 - Nov 2015.

No IT education. Only a BA in literary theory.

As Rockwell says,"Responsible for all technical product development, operations, and infrastructure", i.e. all IT, which includes cybersecurity. ...

Fox News IT fake James Rogers.

Rogers, James

Fox News IT writer and editor, Jun 2014 - present.

No IT education. Only a BA in English literature and history from the low-ranked University of Leeds (Britain).

Foreigner: British. Rogers's stories, for Americans, that mention U.S. dollars give the equivalent in British pounds! As Fox News editor he reruns many stories from the British tabloid The Sun. ...

BAH/NSA Dell/CIA IT fake Edward Snowden.

Snowden, Edward

Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH, Booz) IT tech, contracted to the IT incompetent National Security Agency (NSA), in 2013 when he hacked the NSA then fled to Russia to avoid capture and execution for espionage. Previously a Dell IT tech, contracted to the IT incompetent Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in 2012 when he hacked the CIA undiscovered. Currently, an oft-quoted media darling.

No IT education. High school dropout.

Yahoo Facebook Stanford dunce CISO Alex Stamos.

Stamos, Alex

Yahoo data breach Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Mar 2014 - Jun 2015. Facebook data breach Chief Security Officer (CSO; same as CISO), Jun 2015 - Aug 2018. Facebook is both business and media. Stanford University teaching/research professor, without a PhD, Aug 2018 - present.

Little IT education. Only a BS in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California Berkeley, which puts political correctness above competence. Even if UC Berkeley were good, a BS is too little for the CISO of a Fortune 500 company that is a prime hacking target.

Facebook IT dunce Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg, Mark

Facebook founder/programmer, 2003 - present. Facebook is both business and media.

Little IT education. Second-year college dropout majoring in psychology and computer science. Pretends he's an IT expert; see Artificial Intelligence: Savior, Antichrist, or Hyperbole?

Like most of the Web, a lot of the problems with Facebook, particularly security problems, which includes privacy, is just bad programming (computer science), which existed from when Zuckerberg founded/programmed Facebook.