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New York Times BuzzFeed cybersecurity fake Sheera Frenkel.

Frenkel, Sheera

New York Times (NYT) cybersecurity writer, May 2017 - present. BuzzFeed cybersecurity writer, Sep 2014 - May 2017. BuzzFeed Middle East writer, Sep 2013 - Mar 2015.

No IT education. Only a BS in journalism.

Frenkel's cybersecurity qualifications according to her: "She has said that her time as a foreign correspondent aids her coverage of cybersecurity: People are always speaking different languages and their motivations are often unclear." Huh? Because she didn't understand people while she was a foreign correspondent, she is qualified to report on cybersecurity because she doesn't understand that either?

Unfortunately, the NYT is often used by other IT incompetent media as their cybersecurity writing because it is wrongly assumed the prestigious NYT would have IT competent cybersecurity writers.