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Greenwald, Glenn

Guardian newspaper writer, Jul 2012 – Oct 2013. Author of book No Place To Hide, Dec 2012 – May 2014.

No IT education. Only a BA in philosophy and a JD (law degree). Greenwald is IT incompetent by his own admission in No Place To Hide. As a lawyer he would almost certainly object to someone without a legal education practicing law.

Expatriate: lives in Brazil. The Guardian is British.

Greenwald wrote about the National Security Agency (NSA), which mostly does IT, even though he was IT incompetent. It was this writing that incited high school dropout and traitorous spy Edward Snowden to hack the NSA and make Greenwald a co-conspirator in this. Greenwald knew Snowden was going to steal documents (data) from the NSA before he did and did not report it to the authorities. Greenwald aided and abetted Snowden in making the stolen documents/data available to enemies of the U.S. and in fleeing the U.S. for Russia to avoid capture and execution for espionage. See 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence.

Greenwald wrote the book No Place To Hide about all this and made his career with it, which was otherwise going nowhere (having already failed as a lawyer). The book ridiculously made out high school dropout Snowden to be an IT expert, just as Greenwald tried to do with traitorous spy Chelsea Manning.