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Perlroth, Nicole

New York Times (NYT) cybersecurity writer, Dec 2011 – present.

No IT education. Only a BA in politics and Near Eastern studies and an MA in communications (the dumb jock major not telecommunications).

Perlroth doesn't even know enough about cybersecurity, the basics, to protect herself, a national figure, and her family, never mind inform the government and public about national security. For example, her clown-glasses photo is taken from her Facebook page (Nicole P. Thompson), where she offers photos and videos of her husband, child, and other family, along with plenty of other details that endanger her and them, like locations she might be at.

Perlroth has two minor claims to fame in her career:

Perlroth wrote a profile about a cybersecurity blogger — so she, an IT incompetent cybersecurity writer, wrote about another IT incompetent cybersecurity writer — that Sony Pictures optioned. This should make people, like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), wonder if she and the NYT illegally gave Sony a pass in writing about Sony's data breach?

And Perlroth wrote a story about Chinese hackers that was optioned for TV by The Weinstein Company, serial sexual assaulter Harvey Weinstein's company (one has to wonder what it took to get the story optioned). The story was probably written with TV in mind so the truth of the story is highly questionable, particularly given the NYT's sordid history of making up stories (Jayson Blair as just one example).

Unfortunately, the NYT is often used by other IT incompetent media as their cybersecurity writing because it is wrongly assumed the prestigious NYT would have IT competent cybersecurity writers.