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IT Hiring:  Government, Business, and Outsourcing

Particularly in IT, there is the assumption, promulgated by business, that business can do government work cheaper and better. However, as shown in IT Hiring: No, Government Doesn't Pay Less Than Business, they both cost about the same and they both end up with IT incompetents, so this is not true.

This false assumption though has led to massive outsourcing by IT incompetent government to IT incompetent business. This outsourcing is not only to business but also overseas since some of these companies are foreign controlled and/or foreign staffed, which is a massive national security risk.

For example, initiated by the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) IT incompetent former Chief Information Officer (CIO) Doug Wolfe and enthusiastically continued by the CIA's extremely IT incompetent current CIO John Edwards, the CIA has surrendered its IT to Amazon, the same Amazon that employs thousands of untrustworthy foreigners (see IT Hiring: Foreigners), particularly Indians (from India). This, after already outsourcing to Dell and as a result having the CIA hacked (see 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence) by IT incompetent high school dropout and traitorous spy Edward Snowden.

Further examples of outsourcing that is risking national security: The National Security Agency (NSA) has surrendered its IT to Booz Allen Hamilton (see Booz Hacks Fed IT, Makes It Incompetent, Insecure, Bankrupt) and as a result the NSA too was hacked (see 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence) by IT incompetent high school dropout and traitorous spy Edward Snowden, who then fled to Russia to avoid execution for espionage (see IT Hiring: IT Incompetence Breeds Disloyalty and Corruption). The Secret Service has surrendered its IT to Looking Glass Cyber Solutions (see Secret Service Outsources IT to IT Incompetent Foreign-Influenced Company), whose IT incompetent Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Allan Thomson is a foreigner. And and and ...

This outsourcing actually results in dramatically increasing the cost of government work, without gaining any IT competence. Since nobody in government can be fired (see IT Hiring: No Personal Consequences for IT Incompetence, Just Excuses), government ends up paying for the IT incompetent outsourced workers and the IT incompetent overpaid government workers who were supposed to do the IT jobs. For example, the General Services Administration (GSA) is outsourcing its IT to Accenture (see Fed IT Run By Enron's Corrupt Accountant, IT Incompetent Accenture). Essentially, Accenture's extremely IT incompetent Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Nicole Dean is doing the work of the GSA's IT incompetent CISO Mohammed Berlas. But overpaid Berlas remains.

This government-business outsourcing abets the government-business "revolving door"; see IT Hiring: Government, Business, and the Revolving Door.

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