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IT Hiring:  IT Competents Demand Greater Than Supply

In economics, on a supply and demand curves graph (see figure), on the supply curve, as the price of something increases, the quantity produced will increase (the price is thus the independent variable and should be the x axis, but as I discovered when I, Dr. Duane Thresher, took economics while at MIT, economists are mathematically rather backward).

On the demand curve, as the quantity of something decreases, the price increases, i.e. rare things are worth a lot.

Where the supply and demand curves intersect determines the equilibrium price and quantity, i.e. what should be the real case if this economic model is correct (which it usually isn't; see Climate of Incompetence).

If supply can't meet demand, then the thing becomes essentially priceless.

In August 2021, President Biden, desperate about the many IT security (cybersecurity) incidents threatening national security — see for example, U.S. Surrenders in IT War, Starts Paying Tribute to Russia — said "nearly half a million public and private cybersecurity jobs remain unfilled", i.e. the supply of IT workers can't meet the demand.

This is due to the described wretched state of IT education and because employers — government, business, media — are shortsightedly cheap, given the huge cost of data breaches, and want to pay IT workers more like secretaries than doctors and lawyers (see The Most Important IT Credential: An IT Education). See also IT Hiring: Don't Care / Skimp On What You Don't Know About.

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