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IT Hiring:  If You Can't Do IT Right, Don't Do IT At All

Just because you can't find enough IT competent workers to hire — see IT Hiring: IT Competents Demand Greater Than Supply — doesn't mean you should hire the IT incompetent. I worked at one government research institution (see Climate of Incompetence) where the IT support was terrible. After complaints from the researchers one IT incompetent was fired, without replacement, and the IT support was much better after that! An IT incompetent worker is often worse than no worker at all.

And once you've quickly, cheaply, and easily hired the IT incompetent, it prevents looking for the IT competent, particularly since the IT incompetent can't be fired (see IT Hiring: No Personal Consequences for IT Incompetence, Just Excuses), and it takes away the needed pressure to pay the IT competent more.

If you can't do IT right, don't do IT at all. There are always alternatives, often surprisingly less expensive. After all, computer IT hasn't been around that long and we survived without it for a lot longer than it has been around. IT also, in many cases, seems to make things worse, not better: "to err is human, to really screw things up takes a computer". Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

For example, the IT incompetent National Security Agency (NSA) turned their intelligence failure on 9/11 into a funding success and was showered by Congress with far more money than they needed; see 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence. They used this excess money to amass storage for far more intercepted communications than they could ever analyze and adopted a "collect it all" attitude towards intercepting communications. This led to the NSA habitually violating the privacy rights of Americans.

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