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PC; airliner crashing into World Trade Center, New York City, 9/11.

IT Hiring:  Trading IT Competence for Political Correctness

Just like for diversity (see IT Hiring: Trading IT Competence for Diversity), because they are so intertwined, there is the problem of trading IT competence for political correctness.

9/11 was the result, in a couple of ways, of political correctness/diversity. (I was living in Manhattan on 9/11.)

First, some of the hijackers, foreign Muslims on overstayed student visas, had to learn to fly so they could fly the airliners into their targets. To do so they attended an American flight school, where they repeatedly made it clear they had no interest in learning how to land, only how to steer. As it should have, this set off alarm bells in the flight instructor's mind, but because of political correctness/diversity, he was too afraid to report it.

Second, political correctness/diversity and other IT Hiring Principles of IT Incompetence caused the NSA and CIA to be IT incompetent and completely unprepared for, and caught completely unaware by, 9/11. See 9/11 Was Due to IT Incompetence.

Once a politically correct IT incompetent has an IT job, she is more interested in forcing her political beliefs on customers and coworkers than in doing the job at all, incompetently or not. For example, Alex Stamos was CISO of Yahoo when he allowed the security hole that caused Yahoo's massive data breaches. He then fled to Facebook, where because he was more interested in forcing his political beliefs on customers, he allowed the security hole that caused at least one of Facebook's massive data breaches. He then fled to extremely politically correct Stanford University.

Trying to be diverse and politically correct often ends up meaning hiring foreigners (see IT Hiring: Foreigners). This is ridiculous since diversity was forced on America to make up for historical discrimination in the U.S., which foreigners today and their ancestors were never subject to.

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