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IT Hiring:  Young Does Not Mean IT Expert

IT incompetent government, business, and media is full of IT incompetent older people who think the young must inherently be IT experts, which is exactly wrong since becoming an IT expert takes years of study at good universities and then years of IT experience.

This "young means IT expert" delusion starts with IT incompetent adults being so amazed that children, often their own, can use computers that they hail these children as geniuses, even though the software they are using was programmed, which includes defaults, so even children can use it, i.e. it's foolproof; see No IT Education: "The Defaults Work So I'm A Genius" Syndrome and No IT Education: "I Can Use A Smart Phone So I'm A Genius" Syndrome.

This "young means IT expert" delusion is exacerbated, particularly for young women (and see IT Hiring: Trading IT Competence for Diversity), by the STEM hoopla — see No IT Education: STEM — that makes it appear the young are being well educated in IT, even though this couldn't be further from the reality. STEM exists because everyone admits that the young are not being well educated in IT. However, the IT incompetent can't teach IT competence, any more than someone not educated in medicine or law can teach people to be doctors or lawyers.

Stop IT Incompetence's first and best example of these "baby clowns", shown here, is William Turton, who, incredibly, is the cybersecurity reporter for Bloomberg News. This was followed by Aaron Holmes, who, incredibly, is the tech reporter for Business Insider.

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