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No IT Education:  For-Profit and Community Colleges, Other Training

As mentioned in No IT Education: Certifications, for-profit and community colleges often offer certification preparation IT courses. These are better than just passing the single certification test any way you can but are still insufficient for IT jobs, particularly with regards to IT security, which requires real understanding. I know from experience; see CCNA Courses (Four) from Cisco and UAF CTC in my Credentials.

For-profit and community colleges -- things have become so bad the distinction isn't clear anymore -- seized a business opportunity in IT education; see IT Hiring: IT Competents Demand Greater Than Supply. Good universities inherently (see The Most Important IT Credential: An IT Education) couldn't produce enough IT graduates to meet the demand of IT incompetent government, business, and the media, since it's much more like educating a doctor or lawyer than a plumber. (Although even once good universities have started to crank out IT incompetent graduates, often by teaming up with community colleges.)

For-profit and community colleges have to train quickly and cheaply to be profitable and, like for a doctor or a lawyer, IT competency can't be achieved that way. Moreover, anyone qualified to teach IT could make a lot more money actually doing IT ("those who can, do, those who can't, teach"), so the teachers at these colleges are usually not qualified.

Particularly for for-profit colleges, all this assumes that they are even trying to educate and are not just student loan scams, like the closed ITT Technical Institute, which is the current Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief Information Officer (CIO) John Edwards's only college, and the soon-to-be-closed Colorado Technical University, which is Accenture (a leading provider of IT services to government) CIO Nicole Dean's only college.

Cheaper still is short-course IT training -- several-day-at-most "bootcamps", seminars, etc. -- particularly in IT security, which unfortunately and particularly requires real understanding.

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