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Poor Indian child with world's cheapest laptop ($100).

No IT Education:  Foreigners

U.S. government, business, and media are increasingly hiring foreigners; see IT Hiring: Foreigners. However, the IT education of foreigners is highly-questionable. They have education systems that can't easily be compared to America's (e.g. a BS there is not the same as a BS here) and their degrees are much harder to verify (although, practically, no one checks anymore anyway). Moreover, their education systems are inferior to America's; that's why so many foreigners come to America for their educations.

Foreigners are more willing to lie about their qualifications, since they have less respect for U.S. law and are often more desperate than U.S. citizens. Enouraged by marketing in their countries, they use certifications a lot (see No IT Education: Certifications) because they are cheaper and easier to get than a real IT education, especially since, given in their own countries, the certification tests are easier to cheat on.

I was born and educated in the U.S. (see my Credentials) but have experience, in academia and from living in foreign countries, with the education systems of foreign countries.

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