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Blind leading the blind off a cliff dragging IT.

No IT Education:  Memberships and Subscriptions

Many IT incompetents join IT professional organizations, particularly about IT security, and put this on their resumes as some kind of qualification even though the only requirement for membership is paying a fee, particularly since, like certifications (see No IT Education: Certifications), these organizations are often run by companies on a for-profit basis. Moreover, these organizations are invariably led by IT incompetents themselves.

Or these IT incompetents get subscriptions to IT magazines and pretend this is a qualification, even though anyone can get a subscription, these IT magazines are invariably written by IT incompetents, and probably not read by the subscriber at all.

Then these IT magazines cover these IT professional organizations, particularly their conferences.

All of this is just the blind leading the blind, off a cliff, dragging IT with them, down to hacker hell.

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