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No IT Education:  STEM

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, which very much includes IT; in fact, it dominates STEM these days. STEM is supposedly a movement to get children, boys and girls, interested in these subjects so they will study them in school (through college) and go into careers with them, since it is obvious even to the STEM/IT incompetent that STEM/IT incompetence is making the U.S. a second-rate nation, hurting our quality of life.

"Supposedly" because STEM is really a movement to get girls to study these subjects and go into these careers in order to "empower" them, whether they are interested or not. Actually, it is really to empower the women leaders of the STEM movement (who brand all those opposed as "sexists"). The STEM movement has actually done little to get girls interested in STEM/IT subjects.

Girls and women are inherently more interested in dealing with living things, which STEM/IT mostly isn't. When they do go into science it is overwhelmingly into life sciences like biology (I've been at universities since I first went to MIT so I know this for a fact from observation). And/or they end up in professions like nursing (doctors don't spend a lot of time with patients).

A STEM/IT education is long hard work and requires a lasting interest, a real passion, to survive it. I know from experience. There are and always will be fewer girls and women (but not none) able and interested in STEM/IT but that is inherent. I have a former scientist wife, essentially forced into her field due to her mathematical abilities, who is actively opposed to the STEM movement and a young daughter who confirms the aforementioned observations every day.

The STEM/IT movement is led by STEM/IT incompetent women (men are typically guilted into it and participate half-heartedly) who are only trying to improve and/or justify their own jobs. For example, Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading provider of IT services to the U.S. Government, particularly defense and intelligence, like the National Security Agency (NSA). Susan Penfield is the "CIO" of Booz. She only has a BS in management. She spends most of her time "advocating for women in STEM careers" to justify her job.

The STEM movement is inherently a failure and millions have been wasted on it. Millions more will be as they are insidiously diverted. STEM was updated by Congress to STEAM, which is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, so that unprofitable art programs could get funding. Soon it may be updated to STEAMEE, which is STEAM + Every unprofitable subject that wants on to the STEAM gravy train, like English.

Thus, STEM is not an IT education.

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