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The IT Incompetents Hall Of Shame (ITIHOS)

Apscitu Inc. provides the highest-grade ultra-secure custom IT services and consulting for select clients. Part of its mission is to stop IT incompetence to the highest levels of government, business, and media.

As discussed in IT Hiring: No Personal Consequences for IT Incompetence, Just Excuses, without personal consequences IT incompetence only gets worse. The only way to enforce personal consequences outside an organization is to publicly shame individuals who are IT incompetent, particularly IT leaders like Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), and those responsible for data breaches. To that end, Apscitu Inc. has established the IT Incompetents Hall of Shame (ITIHOS). As you will have noticed reading through the preceding principles/entries, many examples from the ITIHOS have been used, especially since they informed the writing of the entries.

ITIHOS has three wings: Government, Business, and Media. Conceivably there could be an Education wing, and there may be in the future, but for now we just blanket shame for-profit and community colleges; see No IT Education: For-Profit and Community Colleges, Other Training. Given government-business outsourcing (see IT Hiring: Government, Business, and Outsourcing) and the revolving door (see IT Hiring: Government, Business, and the Revolving Door) and media being a business (see IT Hiring: Media), for example, there are a lot of cross listings (although only one entry per incompetent).

ITIHOS will be continuously updated and there are enough IT incompetents to last for a very long time to come. Check back often. Human resources departments can use it along with LinkedIn (see IT Hiring: You). Media doesn't cover IT incompetence, particularly its own, so you'll always see it first and only here.

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